Ear conditions

· Glue Ear and Grommets
Glue ear is the commonest cause of hearing loss in children. It refers to thick fluid or glue behind the ear drum causing the ear drum not to move. Grommets refer to a plastic tube inserted through the ear drum to drain and ventilate the ear.

· Hearing loss
Adults have many causes of hearing loss and some of this is treatable surgically or medically. It pays to have your ears looked at by an Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon who can with an audiologist at Essential ENT , guide the best way to alleviate this very common issue. Sudden hearing loss is an emergency and can be often be treated but please call us for an urgent appointment.

· Tinnitus (Noises in the ear)
A very common problem, and one that can be helped. Please come in for a chat for strategies.

· Ear Infections (Otitis)
This can be in the outer ear (otitis externa) where it is a skin condition, or in the middle ear again causing fluid to build up behind ear drum.

· Balance issues – Dizziness, Vertigo and Menieres
Balance is complex, it involves an interaction with the brain, eyes, inner ear and the nerves in the feet and hands. Mr Rockey will perform a thorough balance assessment, and work up that is thorough to help you.